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Grandmaster Wong in St. Paul!

With Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities gearing up to host Grandmaster Wong here for the first time ever (yay!), a lot of people have been asking me for more details on the courses being taught. If you're already signed up, consider these next few posts a teaser. If you're still considering which ones might be best for you, you'll find a wealth of information here to help inform your decisions. Read on and get excited! Generating Energy Flow is one of Shaolin Wahnam's foundational courses that Grandmaster Wong teaches when he is offering regional courses like the ones taking place here. It helps students build a foundation for regular practice, as well as advanced qigong training. If you're already reading this, you probably don't need me to convince you of how awesome qigong is for improving every part of our daily lives. Maybe you've had a taste of the benefits and you want more. Maybe you've read some of the classical works on qigong and you're ready to take your practice to the next level. Or maybe you're just curious about how to put a mindfulness-based practice to work for you and you're ready to learn from the best. Generating Energy Flow gives you all the skills you need to tap energy from the Cosmos while circulating and building it, gaining health, happiness, and vitality along the way. From the start, students learn to relax every muscle simply and quickly, while shutting off the noisy parade of thoughts blocking our way to peace and clarity. If you want to be a superhero at work, at play, and at home, here's where to start. If you want to free yourself from chronic pain and pave the way to peace and joy, here's where to start. I don't joke when I say people have described this course as life-changing. I live the power and benefits of this art every single day and this course is the first step on that journey. Those who have already been training qigong with Shaolin Wahnam also benefit immensely from doing this course. Why? Because we get an opportunity to go back to the basics of our training, which deepens our practice and makes it even more powerful. I've taken this course multiple times and each time I get something new out of it, a new “aha” moment that takes my practice to an even higher level. Every professional athlete, artist, etc. will tell you a big part of their success rests in a solid set of fundamentals. One of the reasons kungfu masters of old were accomplished fighters was because their basic skills were so good. Whether you're brand new to this art or an experienced practitioner, these courses will be simply amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing you in October!

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