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Malaysia Intensive Courses-December

White pagoda blue sky clouds
Kek Lok Si, or the Temple of Guan Yin, is just one of the many sites in Penang.

October is nearly over and we’re heading towards the end of another great year at Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities. Classes are winding down before our holiday break and starting up again in January (more details on that to come). Now is a good time to inform everybody about some incredible training opportunities with Grandmaster Wong, coming up this December in Malaysia.

This year, at the beginning of December, Grandmaster Wong will be conducting the one of a kind Intensive Qigong Course from December 4th-8th, and the Intensive Kungfu Course from December 8th-14th in Penang. The Intensive Qigong Course teaches some of the core qigong curriculum in Shaolin Wahnam on a profoundly deep and powerful level beyond what is experienced in the regular classes. One could easily spend the next several years practicing this material alone as they continue in their training. The Intensive Kungfu Course wraps qigong into five days covering the basic Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu syllabus. While immensely challenging, it is also an incredibly rewarding experience and students can expect to see their own personal kungfu improvement skyrocket within a few short days. I have a very soft spot in my heart for this course, as it was the first I ever attended, which started my journey from “what the hell am I doing?” to a life of health and joy that I never could have imagined.

While Malaysia might strike some as an odd tourist destination, it is in fact a warm, beautiful, and welcoming place. As a former British protectorate, English is spoken widely and getting around is a breeze. Penang is touted worldwide as a foodie destination and I wouldn’t argue with that for a minute. Beautiful mosques, temples, and historical buildings fill the city. There’s something about being in this beautiful place in the midst of spiritual expansion that is indescribable and likely enhances the whole experience.

Follow the links for more information on the Intensive Qigong and Intensive Kungfu courses. Grandmaster Wong’s tireless secretary Wei Foong handles registration and may be contacted at

It’s going to be a wonderful time of growth and change. Hope to see you there!

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