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Understand the Soul to Unlock Year-Round Health

We use Qigong to build physical, mental, and emotional fitness. Removing blockages to physical health creates the path to mental clarity and spiritual expansion. But just what is the spirit and how is it different through the lens of Chinese medicine? 

Join me for a free talk on this fascinating subject, where I delve into the five, that's right five types of spirits in the body. You'll learn how each spirit has a relationship with each of the Five Elements, with specific organs, emotions, and seasons. Then apply these lessons to your own practice to support each spirit in its given season. Working with the natural flow of seasonal energetics, we can promote health in the current season, while setting ourselves up for the one to come in the best possible way.

Recording Access

Access is 100% free. If you're already a site member with a login and password then you automatically have access. If not, follow the prompts below to create your own user name and password to view this class. Once you've created your login details, just head to the 'my courses' page in the member area, hit start, and get learning!

  • Catch the Spirit

    A journey through the soul according to Chinese medicine
    Free Plan
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