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Foundation for life.


Qigong is known as a system to cultivate extraordinary health, energy, and deep calm. But did you know that Qigong is also an excellent way to poise, agility, and physical stability?

No matter what your skill level is, Building Root and Balance With Cosmos Qigong will teach you the skills to level up all of your physical activities. As we age, the systems in our bodies that keep us on our feet can decline. But fortunately we have this amazing tools to keep upright and stable at any age. This course is a great investment for anyone who wants to run farther, ski harder, dance better, or simply walk the dog with confidence on a January day. 

What's Included

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Four Guided Lessons

Unlimited and downloadable access to specialized Qigong to help you stand solid like a mountain. Use these skills to improve your martial arts practice, sports performance, or simply enhance your health and vitality. 

Building Blocks

Quick Reference Guide

An illustrated PDF guide that touches on the energetic fundamentals of Qigong while doubling as a step-by-step visual aid to your practice.

Running in the snow

All-Weather Confidence

Start feeling more stable and agile with just a few minutes of practice a day and build the strength in your legs, feet, and ankles to keep you upright no matter what.

Full Support By Email

No matter how you're participating in my classes, I'm just a message away to answer any and all of your questions.

Take a Quick Look Inside

  • Is this course open to beginners?
    Yes! Fresh beginners and experienced practitioners alike are welcome to join this course.
  • How much should I practice?
    At least once a day, preferably twice a day. Each practice session will take about 10 minutes total, for about 20 minutes a day. You can expect to see your balance improve in less than a week.
  • Is there an age limit?
    No. Qigong is for young and old alike and is a great way for maintaining physical and mental agility as we age.
  • How do I access my courses?
    You will enter an email address and password at the time of purchase that you can use to log into the members area. Head to the 'my courses' page, select your purchased course, and hit start to access the private course page.
  • Root and Balance

    Build a foundation to enhance all your favorite activities
    • Four guided video lessons
    • Lifetime access to course material
    • PDF foundational guide
    • Full support via email
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