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Cosmos Qigong For IUI and IVF

It's All Good Clean Fun Until It's Not

Another month, another Big Fat Negative. What do you do when your path to parenthood isn't as clear cut as everyone else's?


You're here because you don't get to live under the blissful veil of ignorance when it comes to fertility and pregnancy. When you have to reach out to specialists for support, chances are that you're already feeling scared, stressed, and defeated.


Cosmos Qigong for IUI and IVF is a unique fertility meditation program that was created using the principles of Chinese medicine fertility, by a fertility specialist who understands the ups and downs that come with an infertility diagnosis.


Not only do these courses help to ease the stress and anxiety of infertility, but they also help promote circulation while addressing your emotions in a way that make you feel whole and validated.

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Get the Mindful Help You Need

Nobody tells you what to do when things don't work as planned. When you're struggling with an infertility diagnosis, stress relieving skills are more important than ever. Imagine if you could incorporate the energy building skills of an acupuncture session with the calm and grounding of a meditation session. Now imagine it was all put together by a fertility expert who understands all the ups and downs that you're going through.


That's what you get with Cosmos Qigong for IUI and IVF.

Here's what you get with this comprehensive Qigong Meditation course:

  • Six weeks of video lessons with easy to follow instructions

  • Guided audio meditations to strengthen the mind-body connection

  • ART cycle specific prompts to help you feel confident no matter what

  • Tips and tricks for a mindful practice you can use for the rest of your life

  • Chinese medicine guidance to achieve flowing health

  • IUI and IVF

    Total emotional and energetic support for your ART cycle
    • High-definition Video Lessons
    • Guided Audio Lessons
    • Expert Instruction from a Fertility Specialist
    • 24/7 Email Support
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