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The Shaolin Wahnam Institute

The Shaolin Wahnam School of Kungfu and Qigong was formed by Grandmaster Wong Kiew-Kit in 1982 and later renamed as the Shaolin Wahnam Institute. Shaolin represents Grandmaster Wong's lineage stretching back to the Southern Shaolin Monastery in China. The name Wahnam is the joining of the names of Sifus Lai Chin-Wah and Ho Fatt-Nam, two of Grandmaster Wong's most influential teachers in his kungfu and qigong training. Grandmaster Wong created Shaolin Wahnam to spread the Shaolin arts to deserving students and help people achieve good health, longevity, and vitality.

It is the goal of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute to preserve and pass on the Shaolin arts of genuine Kungfu, Qigong, taijiquan, and Zen, allowing people to live their lives as fully as possible and attain spiritual expansion irregardless of race or religion.

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