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Call Better Energy Into Your Life

Feeling stuck? Lacking insight? Looking for ways to make home feel more 'at home'?


Feng Shui is the art of making use of the energy in our home and work spaces. With some simple understanding and tools you already have, you can learn to adjust areas to call in health and good fortune. 


While I initially taught this course last year just before the year of the water tiger began, its content and lessons are just as valuable to us today as we head into the year of the water rabbit. This free course is an awesome intro into this fascinating topic that will shed new light on your work and play space.

Recording Access

Access is 100% free. Follow the prompts below to create your own user name and password to view this class. Once you've created your login details, just head to the 'my courses' page in the member area, hit start, and get learning!

  • Everyday Feng Shui

    Learn all about this ancient system in this free course.
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