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What A Weekend!!

Grandmaster Wong Kiew-Kit Sifu Molly Kubinski Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities Peking Garden Restaurant
Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Molly after dinner to celebrate the successful courses

Wow. I'm sort of at a loss for words (which may explain why I'm a day late with my blog post!). Grandmaster Wong's inaugural qigong courses here in St. Paul, MN were a rousing success. Everybody who participated did really well and I don't think it's much of a stretch to say that all of our worlds were rocked. Thank you to everybody who participated and/or helped out! If you weren't able to attend, fear not! I'm cooking up something even bigger and better up for 2020, so stay tuned!

Everyone learned a bevy of techniques this weekend, and while we'll be reviewing many of them in our weekly qigong class, the best way to deepen your skills in these techniques is to simply practice them. If there's a particular pattern you really want to zero in on, include it in your daily practice 4-5 times a week, then spend the rest of the week training your other qigong patterns. As your practice grows and deepens, you will find you gravitate more towards specific patterns. That's fine, and we always want to keep the other skills we learn alive. This becomes particularly important as you progress in your qigong (or kungfu) training and start to have more skills than you know what to do with!

Another important thing to remember is not to worry if you find that your own practice is at a much lower level than it was last weekend. That's fine, and in fact it should be that way! Training with Grandmaster Wong is most definitely an exercise in over-training. He teaches deep and high-level skills in a few short days, and then we spend time consolidating those skills, so fear not, your practice is still benefiting you, actually more so than before, you're just now back to practicing at a level that your body can handle.

What a fantastic thing to be able to host these courses and spread the wonders of the Shaolin Arts to Minnesota. I deeply humbled and excited for all that is to come here at Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities.

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