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Support your fertility through every stage of your journey with Qigong meditation. A unique system of mindfulness integrating breathwork, relaxation, and movement, Qigong can quiet even the most restless minds.

These self-paced courses focus on holistic fertility through working with the same systems that your acupuncturist might work on, and are an excellent complement to any complementary therapy you are receiving.

Every fertility story is unique and deserves to be supported. Start nurturing yours and see how you can improve sleep, energy, and mood all at the same time.


"I’m a novice to meditation and all things similar. I found this course easy to do and relaxing. In the past when I tried to meditate, my mind wandered. With Qi Gong, the movement keeps you on track."


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Expert Instruction

Learn from a teacher with a decade of experience teaching Qigong and meditation.

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Maximum Portability

Follow along on any device. Download materials for learning on the go or meditation in nature.

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Support for Your Unique Needs

Infertility brings with it its own struggles and heartaches, that others often just don't get. Learn from a teacher who doesn't just teach meditation, but understands Eastern and Western fertility medicine, and has helped thousands on their ART journey.

Hi, I’m Molly Kubinski. 


I'm an acupuncturist, herbalist, Qigong teacher, and fellow of the Acupuncture Board of Reproductive Medicine (ABORM). I've helped thousands of people along their family building journey, and I want the same for you.

I created FertiliQi because I know how challenging infertility can be, and couples are often thrust into treatment with no mental health resources. Qigong literally saved my life and delivered me from chronic depression and pain to joy and health. 

Thanks to Qigong, I became a fertility acupuncturist, helping others find peace during infertility. You deserve to build a family, and you deserve mental help support while you're doing it.


Featured Courses

Get mindful on your fertility journey with these self-paced courses. Learn at your own speed while getting the tools you need to feel grounded and centered.

These courses were created by an expert working full-time in the field of fertility (me!), who understands the needs of your body and spirit through the lens of Eastern and Western medicine.

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Cosmos Qigong For Family Building

Looking to support your health as you're trying to conceive? Start here.

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Cosmos Qigong For IUI and IVF

This course helps prepare you for ART while calming, grounding, and addressing your unique needs.

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