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Sifu Molly Kubinski

Molly Kubinski has been training Kungfu and Qigong under Grandmaster Wong-Kiew Kit for over 16 years and has been an instructor in Shaolin Wahnam since 2011. A brief study of Northern Shaolin Long Fist Kungfu and Taijiquan introduced Molly to martial arts but left her feeling like the techniques were not very useful for sparring. Introduced to Grandmaster Wong and Shaolin Wahnam by a friend, Molly couldn't believe how quickly she was able to use her newly learned techniques for sparring, She started training with Grandmaster Wong, and never looked back.

Molly learned firsthand the healing power of the Shaolin arts, overcoming chronic back pain, crippling depression, insomnia, and seasonal allergies. She will regularly state that her quality of life before and after learning from Grandmaster Wong can't be compared.

A seasoned chef, pun intended, Molly cooked professionally while training with Shaolin Wahnam. Through her training, Molly was exposed to Chinese medicine theory and began to yearn to pass on the arts she was taught and help others overcome their chronic ailments. She left the kitchen and enrolled in acupuncture school.

Molly holds a Bachelor of Arts in French literature from the University of Minnesota, and a Master of Oriental Medicine from the American Academy of Acupuncture in Roseville, MN. She is a board certified acupuncturist and herbalist licensed in acupuncture by the Minnesota State Medical Board, as well as a fellow of the Acupuncture Board of Reproductive Medicine (ABORM), an organization devoted to promoting reproductive health through Chinese Medicine. She practices at Selby Acupuncture in St. Paul, MN. Appointments for consultation with Molly can be made here.

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