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2018 Courses with Grandmaster Wong Kiew-Kit

     October 13th-14th, 2018

Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities is honored to host Grandmaster Wong Kiew-Kit for the first time ever in St. Paul-Minneapolis. He is the fourth generation successor of the Venerable Jiang Nan of the Southern Shaolin Monastery in China. Grandmaster Wong travels the globe teaching kungfu and qigong and has thousands of students around the world. He has helped many people overcome so-called incurable diseases and attain radiant health, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment.

An opportunity to train with Grandmaster Wong is life-changing and not to be missed. This weekend will give participants a chance to experience high-level qigong taught by one of the best teachers in the world. His ability to transmit the profound skills found in Cosmos Qigong, itself so simple and easy to practice, are second to none and enable students to achieve the best versions of themselves. Space is limited, reserve your place today!

Course OFFERings

generating energy flow

Saturday, 0ctober 13th 9am-12pm

This is a wonderful course for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. During this course, participants will learn to relax, enter into a qigong state of mind, generate an energy flow, and experience the sensation of Qi. These skills will enable students to feel mentally fresh, joyful, full of vitality and good health, and with continued practice, to expand spiritually.


This is the foundational qigong course in Shaolin Wahnam which is required for all other advanced courses. Already taken this course? Great! There is so much more to learn from taking it again! Many students in Shaolin Wahnam will tell you they have taken this class multiple times, getting new and more subtle benefits each time as their own practice progresses. There's another treasure to be found each time you take this course.

Selections from the 18 jewels

saturday, october 13th 3pm-6pm

The 18 Jewels are a magnificent set of therapeutic qigong techniques to induce qi flow, address specific ailments and bring about vibrant health and vitality. These exercises are simple, powerful, highly effective, and a joy to practice.


*Generating Energy Flow must be taken in order to register for this course.

Cultivating internal force and mental clarity

Whether you are an established martial artist or not, don't miss this chance to train the secrets of internal force cultivation with a living Shaolin legend. Grandmaster Wong will teach a selection of techniques used for generating martial power, a must-have addition to your kungfu, tai chi, or other martial arts practice. Those who are not currently training any martial art will find this course a wonderful vehicle to increasing physical and mental strength, as well as training a calm and one-pointed mind, enhancing all other aspects of daily life.


*Generating Energy Flow must be taken in order to register for this course.

Sunday, october 14th 9am-12pm

merging with the cosmos for spiritual expansion and inner peace

sunday, october 14th 3pm-6pm

Frequently referred to as the Wow! Course, this is one of Grandmaster Wong's most amazing offerings. Experience deep inner calm and peace while feeling your spirit expand and stress melting away. Grandmaster Wong will teach how bafflingly simple qigong exercises can be used for meditation to attain a complete state of Zen and oneness with everything. Students will leave with more than sufficient skills to take their qigong practice to the next level while experiencing profound joy, clarity, and zest in everyday life. This is a tremendous opportunity to experience the power of genuine qigong here in St. Paul, MN and one not to be missed!


*Generating Energy Flow must be taken in order to register for this course.


Generating Energy Flow                                $300

Selections from the 18 Jewels                      $300

Cultivating Internal Force and Mental Clarity                                                               $300

Merging with the Cosmos for Spiritual

Expansion and Inner Peace                          $300


Click below to register


Any Two Courses                       $600            $550

Any Three Courses                    $900            $800

All Four Courses                        $1200          $1000      


University of St. Thomas

McNeely Hall Great Room

(Room 100)

2060 Summit Ave

St. Paul, MN 55105

around the area

Parking is available in the lot behind McNeely

Hall on Cleveland Ave. There is also ample parking on Summit Ave. The main entrance of the building is on Summit Ave.

The University of St. Thomas campus is ablaze with color during the autumn months and is a beautiful backdrop for these fantastic courses. Nearby Grand Ave and Highland park offer many choices for dining and just plain enjoying the fall scenery.

For information on nearby hotels or any other general questions, please contact Sifu Molly Kubinski at

grandmaster etiquette

This page will tell you everything you need to know to get the best possible results from the courses.

Grandmaster Wong 2018

north american tour



  • St. Petersburg, FL - October 7-12, 2018


  • St. Paul, MN- October 13th-14th

  • Seattle, WA- October 17th, 2018

       (Details and Registration)

  • Portland, OR- October 20th-21st, 2018

       (Details and Registration)

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