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Johnny's Story

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Some of the most amazing recovery stories are happening around us all the time.

In my 13 years of training with Grandmaster Wong, I've seen a lot of incredible cases of healing for which Western medicine can offer no explanation. Yet I continue to be blown away every time someone makes a miraculous recovery where they were told that it was impossible. Johnny was 22 when he was finally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). If you know anything about this disease, then you know that often times a diagnosis is years in the making. You probably also know that Western medical treatment, while progressing, is limited in its ability to control the disease, which can take away a person's mobility, dignity, and livelihood. If you could personify MS, I would punch it in the face and probably kick it while it was down a few times.

Johnny's father contacted me not too long before Grandmaster Wong's recent trip here to the Twin Cities, asking which of these courses might be helpful for his son. I helped him select the most beneficial courses and Johnny came to take them, accompanied by his parents. It was obvious they care about him very much.

Johnny arrived using a walker. He brought a cane too for walking short distances. People affected by MS often have a hard time getting around unassisted, as the disease can make it very difficult to pick one's foot or leg up. Difficulty bending the legs, or excessive muscle tone is another marker. Nonetheless, he did his absolute best to follow Grandmaster Wong's advice simply, and insisted on walking with the rest of the class after each time we practiced. It was encouraging to see him be able to walk just a little bit further by the end of the day.

The next week, I heard back from Johnny's father with an update on his progress. When I read what he had to say, I cried. Below is a portion of the email he sent me, which he gave me permission to share in this post:

“Johnny is doing great , he is doing the exercises every day and as for today he's able to walk about 50 steps without his leg brace or his cane. Before this he couldn't take a step without his leg brace or his walk, since last Saturday he hasn't touched his walker and just uses his can for general walking. He is also losing about a pound a day. Lastly he also has tinnitus and he told me yesterday that he ringing had almost stopped in his ears, so I guess you could say he's doing great.”

Make no mistake about it, when I call the benefits of these arts life-changing and profound, I mean it. I've seen people overcome things that they were told they were just going to have to live with, or that they were only going to get worse, or both. But when someone is determined, keeps an open heart, listens to and follows the instructions simply, incredible things can happen. What about you? Is it time to write your story? Learn how our qigong classes can help you.

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