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Merging With the Cosmos

Sifu Molly Kubinski; St. Paul, MN; Qigong; Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities; Blog;  Phot credit= Terra Sura Photography
Cosmic expansion increases the effectiveness of our everyday training

Over the past few weeks, I've been going into greater detail about what to expect with the courses Grandmaster Wong will be teaching here this October. Naturally the idea is to give students a taste of what will be taught and how it will benefit them. This week's post is no exception, and much like how I've organized the progression of these courses, I've saved the best for last. The final course of the four being taught here in St. Paul, MN is called Merging With the Cosmos For Spiritual Expansion and Inner Peace. While this title might be seem grandiose to some, I assure you that in terms of the skills that will be taught in this class, it is wholly accurate.

The goals of qigong training can be put into three categories. At the most basic level, qigong training is to restore health and vitality. It can be instrumental in helping people overcome chronic issues, be they physical, mental, or emotional. As I've said before, it's hard to even consider things like spiritual expansion when you wake up in pain every day. At a more intermediate level, qigong training serves to strengthen the mind and body, allowing us to develop internal power and clarity of thought that propels us forward both personally and professionally.

But at its highest level, the goal of qigong training is to attain a perfect, undifferentiated state with the world around you. The Buddhists call this state Nirvana, Hindus call it Brahman, Christians call it seeing God. This state represents the zenith of the human spirit in peace and clarity, where the practitioner sees themselves not as a distinct entity among others, but rather as part of a greater whole that makes up humanity and every part of the universe in which we live, both organic and inorganic. It is the pursuit of this state of oneness that propels people into temples, monasteries, and nunneries, dedicating their lives to spiritual cultivation so as to find perfect joy and peace.


Right now you might be thinking, wow Molly, you've really gone off the hippy deep end here. I have a job, a family, house payments, and I'm not interested in becoming a monk. Why would learning this skill benefit me? I grant you that not all of us can be Buddhas all at once. People still have to perform the myriad of tasks that allow our society to function as a whole. But what if you could experience that undifferentiated state for just a few moments at a time during your training? What if you could experience the deep and profound joy and relaxation that go along with that state? What if you could have a taste of the grand ultimate objective of all spiritual cultivation and then use it to elevate your own training?

While a skill like this isn't necessarily meant to be put into our daily practice, it is a skill we can draw upon weekly or monthly, according to our needs, which, like most specialized skills, brings our regular practice up to an even higher level. When this becomes the case, all of our practice becomes more efficient, instead of getting 50 units of benefit from a given qigong pattern, we get 100 units. What's more is the deep sense of calm and peace that stays behind after a course like this. The more we train this skill, the more in harmony with the world we become. Stress, anger, and anxiety become a thing of the past.

If you're sitting on the fence about this course, I urge you to hop down and sign up. If you want to experience firsthand the true power of qigong in spiritual expansion, here's your chance. You won't be disappointed.

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