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What is a Qigong State of Mind?

Two men one woman standing under flowering trees meditating
Entering a qigong state is even more important than the pattern being performed.

“Stand upright, relax, don't think of anything.” If you've taken one of our weekly classes, you've heard me repeat this so many times that it's burned into your brain. When we've built our foundation of learning to stand upright and relaxed, when we've learned the physical form of our qigong pattern, when we've learned how to breathe, we then learn how to enter into a qigong state of mind. So what exactly is this state of mind and why is it so important to our qigong practice?

When we are in a qigong state, our minds are quiet and relaxed, and there is no thought. This allows energy to flow into us from the cosmos and move freely all around our bodies, breaking up old blockages and eventually restoring health. Much in the same way that you can run farther, jump higher, and play longer if your muscles are loose and warmed up, energy comes in and circulates more smoothly when your mind relaxes. While it's neat to see the hard science behind how qigong works, at the end of the day, it is an energetic practice. The mind has to be relaxed to allow that energy in and direct it. If someone practices a qigong pattern while thinking about their taxes, their dog, or whatever, then they are not practicing genuine qigong. In this case it just becomes a gentle physical exercise. While there's benefits to that too, they pale in comparison to what we get when practicing in a qigong state of mind.

Okay great fruity hippy Molly, so how do I get to this state? Actually, it's pretty simple, though it requires discipline. In fact, it really is as simple as standing upright and relaxed, while not thinking of anything. Beginners will naturally find their minds wandering. In class, you learn how to bring it back to no thought simply, over and over again. It starts to get easier. Your mind stays clearer longer. The results of your training start to multiply. Your mind becomes more powerful. It's such a beautiful thing. When you can do this at a much higher level, you might catch a glimpse of cosmic reality, as I discussed in my post about Grandmaster Wong's Merging with the Cosmos Course.

Simple doesn't always mean easy. But then again, nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without effort. That's why we spend lots of time in class developing this skill, and this is definitely a skill. This is the skill from which mental clarity flows, which allows your qi flow to restore you to health and harmony. Interested in finding out more? Read here about how our classes can help start you on your journey.

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