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The Benefits of Mental Clarity

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Cosmos Qigong helps develop a clear and powerful mind. This benefit ripples out into every other facet of life.

One of the things that continues to amaze and inspire me as I progress in my qigong practice is how much more efficient I've become both in my personal and professional life. For me, mental clarity has meant being able to better organize my time in the clinic. This in turn allows me to treat more people during a week, being attentive and present to their needs, and providing the best possible care to them. All the while I'm also tending to the myriad other needs of the clinic as they come up. It can be a lot to juggle sometimes, but I'm always able to leave on time, which means in my personal life, I'm able to show up at home for my husband and be present for him. In my leisure time, I'm able to enjoy catching up with friends, exercising, practicing kungfu, and tend to all the duties of running this school, a separate joy from my full-time work as an acupuncturist. Yet I never feel pressed for time. I awake with joy and I go to sleep feeling like each day was well spent.

Qigong provides us the enormous benefit of clearing our minds. As we become more peaceful, we rise above the unnecessary sense of urgency so prevalent in our culture today. Surprisingly, you get more done in this state and you get it done better. What's more is that our interactions with everyone around us improve, and our quality of live improves exponentially.

I once heard famous business coach Tony Robbins remark that time is the one thing that we all share, no matter who we are. He said, “Bill Gates and Warren Buffet get the same 24 hours you and I get.”. If you ask any successful entrepreneur or business person how they accomplish so much, nearly all of them will describe a morning routine with some practice to clear their thoughts. I start every morning with qigong. It sets the tone for my whole day. Our Cosmos Qigong in Shaolin Wahnam takes just 15 minutes to practice. It's simple and it's a joy to practice. What about you? What would you like to do with your 24 hours?

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