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Spring 2019 Qigong Courses

Men and Women standing in meditation Shaolin Wahnam
Students enjoying standing meditation at a qigong course with Grandmaster Wong

It’s great seeing more and more people sign up for the mailing list. The Shaolin Arts have had such a positive impact on my life and getting to spread them to others is truly a great privilege. During the past few weeks, I’ve talked about the intensive workshops that I’ll be conducting this year which are specifically designed for existing Shaolin Wahnam students. Of course, that’s not to be exclusionary, but simply because the skills taught in those workshops require a solid foundation of qigong or kungfu training to get the best out of the material being covered.

For those of you out there who have never experienced Cosmos Qigong of its foundational skills, not to worry. Since launching Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities, I have been offering Qigong for Health and Vitality, our introductory 12-week course which gives you more than enough to get well on your way to joy and well-being. This class pulls from a few well-known sets of qigong exercises, chiefly the 18 Lohan Hands. While the selections taught do change a bit each time I offer this class based upon individual needs of the students, the core offerings remain the same (because they’re amazing!), allowing fresh beginners to experience the deep relaxation and clarity of a qigong state of mind and feel their body’s vital energy flowing right away.

If you’re brand new to all of this, how can this benefit you? Simply put, Cosmos Qigong is a high-level skill. Through learning how to tap energy from the cosmos and circulate it throughout our bodies, we are able, through consistent practice, to break through energetic blockages that do things like cause us chronic pain, emotional issues, fatigue, and generally just keep us from living every day to its fullest. Over the course of the class, you can expect to learn simple yet profound skills to feel your best, as well as how to set your practice up for success, overcoming any pitfalls, and gauging your progress along the way.

Students who have already taken this class can attest to the benefit that Cosmos Qigong has had in their lives. Many elect to take the class over again as a way to deepen their skills. It’s a great way to absorb material at a deeper level. Once there is a good foundation for our qigong practice, we are then able to go back to the basics and see things we might have missed before, which in turn solidifies that foundation and takes the practice to the next level.

Our spring session this year runs from mid-April through mid-July. Hopefully by then we’ll be well past all of the winter weather that makes Minnesota famous! Early bird pricing is available through 3/15/19. All of the details and registration links can be found on this page, so have a look and make 2019 your best year yet!

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