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On Luck and Good Qi Flow

North Shore Minnesota waterfall behind pine branches
A beautiful place we never would have found without being in the right place at the right time

Do a quick search on, Grandmaster Wong Kiew-Kit's website, for ‘travel and luck’ and you’ll get a host of results back with the keywords ‘Sifu’s luck’. It’s a highly amusing and true thing in Shaolin Wahnam that Grandmaster Wong has the most uncanny luck- parking spots open, restaurant tables magically vacate in the middle of the dinner rush (mind you, this is pre-covid times to which I’m referring), and everything seems to move smoothly. I still remember walking down the Strip in Las Vegas with Sifu many years ago. We came the the Bellagio and its famous fountains, which were off. Several of us wondered when the next show would start. Sifu said, “Actually, I think it will be starting now.” As if by some kind of magic, he pointed to the fountains, which turned on, seemingly on cue, literally the moment his finger rested on them.

If you’ve practiced Qigong for a while, you’ve probably noticed a lesser version of this phenomenon, that you’re luckier in general, and the vast majority of things just seem to work out. This is not a happy coincidence. When your Qi flows smoothly and freely, not only are you happier and healthier, but you are in fact, luckier. While I can’t bear these facts out in a double-blind placebo-based trial, I do know thousands of other Shaolin Wahnam students who will also attest to this.

My husband and I went to the north shore of Lake Superior last fall to celebrate our anniversary. Grand Marais is a quaint little town that is packed with tourists during the summer months, and our anniversary falls around Labor Day weekend. Needless to say, it makes navigating pandemic logistics tricky. And yet, this year, I noticed that everything seemed to work out so smoothly- we always entered a store after the crowd, we were seated in an empty area of a crowded restaurant, we would go for a hike and find ourselves the only people on the trail. Perhaps the best incident involved a nearly aborted trip to a highly remote waterfall on what turned out to be a nearly impassible road. With still a little way to go, recognizing that we would destroy the car if we went any further, we pulled off the narrow road to figure out what to do. Not a soul around for hours, not a bar of a signal to be found, I said to him, “What we really need is a Jeep.” About 60 seconds later, up drives a couple in, you guessed it, a Jeep. That waterfall was amazing, by the way.

All of this is a long-winded way to say that the energy flowing around us is a projection of what it flowing inside of us. When you feel stuck, everything else feels stuck. When energy moves better inside of you, it also moves better around you. With Qigong practice, it becomes this self-perpetuating positive loop, and the effects get better and better.

Are these the words that tipped you over to start your Qigong journey? Awesome. I’ll be offering two more classes coming up this spring, both in person and streaming. Details and registration can be found here. Here’s to your good Qi flow.

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