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When Should I Practice?

Watchface clock time qigong practice
Knowing the best times of day to train puts you on the path to success.

In our weekly classes, not only do students get to learn some amazing qigong skills to conquer chronic pain, stress, emotional issues, and boost their energy, but they also get a clear path to how to integrate their qigong practice into their daily lives. After all, any skill, no matter how awesome it is, is only useful when it's put to use regularly. So one of the things that I talk about right off the bat is when to practice.

Students at Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities who are fresh beginners get the best benefits from their practice when they do it twice a day. One of the great things about our arts is that the benefits are compounded. That is to say, the more experienced and skillful you become as a practitioner, the more effective your practice becomes. Before too long, students need only practice once daily to enjoy the phenomenal benefits our qigong bestows upon us (but you can still practice twice a day if you choose).

But is there a best time of day to practice? As Grandmaster Wong so often likes to say, the answer to that is yes and no. Many of us, myself included, lead full lives, so the best time to practice is the time you can commit to fitting it into your schedule regularly. Ideally, one of the best times to practice qigong is just before dawn, or up until about 9am. The Yang part of the day is just starting to grow and you can take full advantage of it to boost your energy and set the tone for your day. I love my morning practice. It clears my head and gets me ready to tackle the day with zest and joy. On my longest clinic days, I conclude my practice ready to provide the best patient care possible.

For those of you who may not have time in the morning (though I encourage you to make time!), fear not. Evening is another lovely time to practice qigong,as is nighttime. Midnight is the time of blossoming Yin energy. Back when I was a night owl, this time provided some of the most peaceful and joyful moments in my practice.

In clinic, if I'm prescribing herbs to a patient, they'll ask when they should take them. Naturally I give them guidelines, but tell them that the best time is the time you can be compliant. There are of course times which are overall more beneficial to practice qigong, but the most important thing is to be consistent and practice everyday. So if you aren't keen on getting up before dawn, simply pick a time you know you can commit to everyday.

There is however, one great exception to this to be heeded. Avoid practicing between the hours of 11am and 1pm. This is the most Yang time of the day and it's energy, when taken in during qigong practice over a period of time, can be quite disorienting. Once or twice here and there if you have to for getting in your daily practice is okay. But as a rule, this time of day is to be avoided for qigong practice.

Regardless of the time you select for your daily practice (outside of 11am-1pm), you will reap incredible benefits from practicing Cosmos Qigong. Ready to integrate this incredible skill into your life? Check out our classes and learn how!

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