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What's New at Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities?

Happy summer everybody! I hope everyone is enjoying their training, outside time, and gathering with friends and family after such a long and strange time. Here’s a few updates from Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities, starting first with our sassy new logo! I wanted to create something that captures the spirit of this area on both sides of the river, featuring a few iconic skyline favorites united in the middle with the power of the Shaolin arts. I’m hoping to make t-shirts and sweatshirts available for students sometime later this year, so stay tuned.

Next up, and I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but the fall class schedule is available on the website. I’ll be offering beginning and advanced courses, so if you missed your chance to join the introductory class earlier this year, now you’ll have a chance to start your Qigong journey with Qigong for Stress and Anxiety, a six-week course focused on helping you build an effective Qigong practice for health, vitality, and resilience- something we can never get enough of during these times. Warrior Qigong will be in a shorter, but dense four-week format, covering advanced breathing techniques and internal force building exercises. Registration for both courses is open and early bird discounts available.

Finally, several people have asked about a return to in-person classes, especially given increased vaccinations and capacity limits being lifted. My short answer is that there is no answer yet. The facility I rent is just beginning to open back up and open itself up for rental again. My previous contact has retired and I’m in the process of reaching out to their replacement. Their re-opening will also follow current guidelines and be contingent on covid cases continuing to fall. My hope is to return to in person classes in 2022 and hopefully allow a way for people who are not local to the metro area to join the classes, as this has been one of the positive things about online learning.

I remain grateful and in awe at the power of our Shaolin Arts and their ability to transform lives and grateful to be part of this community. Peace.

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