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The Fire Personality

ring of fire against a black background with words
Ready, set, let's learn about the fire type!

Welcome to the second installment of this deep dive through the Five Element personality types, dedicated this month to the fire type. If you’re unfamiliar with the nature of fire energy, have a look at this post. We all have at least one person in our lives that we would classify as fiery: boisterous, vivacious, always the center of attention, for better or worse. Chances are, if we looked to see what their daymaster is, they’re a fire type. If you didn’t get a chance to look at my last post on the wood type, have a quick read to give you the background of just what I mean by different daymasters, and how to take advantage of yours.  You can use the link below to see what yours is by plugging in your date and time of birth. If you don’t know your time of birth, don’t worry about it, just enter in the date. The top box under the day column will tell you your daymaster, and whether it’s Yin or Yang. Swearsies, it doesn’t collect your email, and I get no kickbacks from this, just the joy of sharing this fascinating piece of Chinese metaphysics with you. Now, on to our fire types!


The Fire Type


The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine describes the fire type as those who have a reddish complexion, wide teeth, a smaller head, and well-developed shoulders, legs, abdomen, and back. They walk quickly but tread lightly. They can have a short temper and, much like a fire is always flickering, tend to always be on the move. Here’s a drawing below of a fire type:

drawing of a man on white paper
The fire body type, taken from Giovanni Maciocia's 'Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine', 2nd edition


The Fire Daymaster


Fire types tend to be highly active, extroverted and social people. Like we all gather around a campfire, they tend to be the center of attention, and are frequently leaders in their chosen fields. Like a fire keeps us warm, the fire type in harmony can bring out the best in anybody. They tend to be creative people who are passionate and expressive. Every emotion that a fire type feels and expresses is strong, and they bring that into all of their relationships. Unsurprisingly, if you look up the daymasters of most celebrities and public figures, lots of them are fire types. If you’ve ever had one of those friends who makes you feel like you are also dating whoever they’re dating, then they’re likely a fire type as well. Fire types are wonderful people to be around when their energy is balanced, but can be aggressive and overwhelming when it’s not.


Of course, this is just a general description of the fire daymaster. Attributes of this personality depend on whether someone is a Yin fire daymaster, or a Yang fire daymaster, so let’s unpack that!


Bing (丙) Yang Fire Daymaster


Bing fire is big, bright, and blazing. The image of Bing fire is that of the sun, whose light reaches almost everywhere and warms everything. Just like the sun rises every day without fail, Bing fire types love their routines. As the sun sees everything from the heavens, the Bing fire type is forward-thinking, having a 20,000-foot view of everything. Bing types at their best have a sunny disposition and are optimistic and compassionate. A balanced Bing type is a great friend to have. But when that energy isn’t harmonious, they can be easily taken in, being unable to see the bad. Being creatures of habit can cause them to stay in their comfort zone, missing opportunities for growth. That tendency to be the center of attention? Out of balance it can cause them to be self-centered and destructive.

the sun against a black background
Blazing and seemingly inextinguishable is Bing fire


Ding (丁) Yin Fire Daymaster


Everyone needs someone to light the way for them and the Ding fire daymaster does just that. The image of Ding fire is that of a candle. A small flame, but one that guides our way through the darkness. Like their Bing counterparts, Ding fire daymasters are also leaders, found in managerial positions. The candle flame of Ding fire is seen as more stable fire energy, which burns slow and steady. Ding fire daymasters also crave routine, and are natural philosophers who are fiercely loyal and loving to those close to them. They are also meticulous and pay great attention to detail. Ding fire out of balance can be overly self-interested, untrusting, needy, and like their Bing kin, tend to make snap decisions. As a candle flame can go out if there isn’t a wick to feed it, Ding fire daymasters can be easily unmotivated if they are not careful.

Ding fire daymasters all have the possibility to have good fortune this year, as the energy of the wood dragon is like fuel for their flames. So if you are this daymaster, it’s a great year to get started on a pet project or a new venture, since the wood energy will give you the resources that you need.

one single candle burning
The gentle Ding flame guides us through the darkness


Both Yin and Yang fire daymasters excel in careers in beauty and the service industry (think putting on a show!), aviation- representing the upward energy of fire, computers and electronics, and anything that has to do with fire, such as lighting, gas, and oil.


While the Ding fire daymaster will benefit from this year’s energy, the Bing daymaster would be wise to mind their temper and tend to the needs of others. After all, Bing is the fire of the sun. It is already hot enough and doesn’t need any more wood to make it hotter. If your fire feels like it could use some support, you’ll find happiness in such activities as running, dancing, singing, and socializing with friends. If your fire feels like it's a little too hot, burn some of it off with creative projects and tackling your to-do list, as this represents output and keeps your fire in check.


Fire types benefit from just about any Qigong pattern, and like wood daymasters they do well with patterns that induce strong Qi flow, in particular Lifting the Sky and Carrying the Moon, as they incorporate the upward movement of fire. Next up are the earth types, and fair warning, I have a lot to say about these souls!

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