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The Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum

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The Shaolin Wahnam Forum is a great place to get your questions answered.

Some of you who read my blog have trained the Shaolin Arts for some time, others maybe less time. Some of you do not yet and are simply waiting for the right moment to appear. But regardless of where you’re at in your training, questions inevitably come up for everyone as they progress. I love answering my students questions, as I feel they benefit everybody listening: the student asking, the other students listening, and me too! For those of you who are not aware, and especially those of you who are aware but have yet to dip your toes in, I would like to point you to a fantastic resource for many of your questions: The Shaolin Wahnam Institute Discussion Forum.

The Shaolin Wahnam Forum has been up and running for over 15 years, and has a wealth of information about all things Shaolin- kungfu, qigong, taijiquan, Zen, Grandmaster Wong’s courses, Chinese medicine, and everything in between. I’ve learned so much over the years reading the experiences of others, and even sharing my own, which has allowed my seniors to be able to guide me whenever I have questions. The forum is definitely a positive example of how technology can connect us.

While it might not seem immediately apparent, the simple act of posting on the forum is an exercise that creates mental clarity. Shaolin Wahnam treats the forum as an extension of each school, so students have the opportunity to post sharing the same respect that they do in class and writing thoughtful posts which in turn benefit the mind. Got a weird question or simply want to read more about training experiences? There’s plenty to pick from. Confused about kungfu family terminology and how to address fellow students, senior or junior? There’s a whole section on that. Want to know about Grandmaster Wong’s upcoming courses or read the experiences of participants? Yup, that’s there too.

If you’re curious and want to check it out, here’s the link. If you’ve already been reading and haven’t posted yet, I encourage you to do so, it’s great to ask and share with like-minded people. Happy browsing and I hope to see you on the forum!

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