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Shaolin Kungfu Level One Registration is Open

Shaolin Kungfu Sifu Molly Kubinski Five Animals
Sifu Molly performs the pattern 'Poision Snake Dots Vital Points' from the Shaolin Five Animals Set.

Well, it may only be February, but that white stuff will be gone soon enough, which means it’s almost spring, and our Level One Shaolin Kungfu class at Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities is right around the corner. I only teach this class once a year, so if you’ve been wanting to take a deep dive into this incredible martial art, this is the chance to see for yourself.

Whether you’re a fresh beginner, or a seasoned martial artist, this class will help you build the fundamental skills that make Shaolin Kungfu the incredible martial art that it is. Students in this class jump in right away and start learning stances, footwork, hand techniques and defenses all in a way that, though challenging, is easy to put to use in a practical way right out of the gate. One of the reasons I was drawn to Shaolin Wahnam was this very methodology. I was able to use what I learned right away. Up to that point, I knew a lot of beautiful kungfu patterns, but I was beyond useless when it came to sparring.

Another thing that makes Shaolin Kungfu so special is that in addition to training the body, it also trains the spirit. Stances, footwork, techniques, sparring, are all made that much more powerful with entering into a Zen state of mind, and students find themselves growing in ways they have never imagined (personal company included).

Like our qigong courses, this class is taught as an individual course. Sorry gang, no drop-in classes, but this is for very important reasons. This structure helps students develop a regular and committed practice while learning the new material that builds on previous classes. This is the kind of hard work that nourishes the soul and makes you leave each class happy and sweaty. Students who successfully complete this course are invited to join our ongoing weekly Shaolin Kungfu class. Early bird pricing is available through March 7th. Ready to jump in? More information about our Shaolin Kungfu level one course can be found here and online registration here.

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