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Shaolin Kungfu Level 1


This 16-week class is both fun and challenging. The introductory course teaches students the fundamentals that form the core of kungfu training in Shaolin Wahnam. At the end of this session, students should expect to be able to:


  • Enter into a Qigong state of mind to remain relaxed and focused during their training.

  • Build and circulate internal force through stance training.

  • Move in and retreat using basic stances.

  • Use the basic hand patterns and their counters to begin to develop or improve combat efficiency.

  • Be mentally fresh, full of energy, and joy.

Students who have successfully completed the beginning class can be considered for the ongoing weekly class.


The benefits of Shaolin Kungfu are cumulative, and are attained through regular and persistent practice. Students are expected to practice on their own outside of class at least 30 minutes a day to solidify what they have learned. Students should be of good moral character and abide by the Ten Shaolin Laws.

Time and Location

Time: Tuesday Nights 7:35-9:00pm

Dates: Due to the rapidly changing situation of the novel coronavirus pandemic, this class been cancelled until further notice.

Location: Unity Church Unitarian

733 Portland Ave

St. Paul, MN 55104


  • $800 (16 Weeks)  

  • $200 (Monthly Installments-4 Months)


       Please contact for information on family discounts

       Full refund if requested in the first month



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