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Qigong and Trauma

Red candle and flame burning in darkness
Qi flow is powerful enough to break through blockages, yet gentle enough to avoid re-introducing trauma.

A while ago on the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum, somebody posed the question about Qi flow and trauma. Specifically, they asked if performing self-manifested Qi flow when dealing with emotional trauma could actually bring up the trauma to the degree of causing the practitioner distress and actually making their situation worse. This is an important question which deserves some further examination. If a high-level practice like Cosmos Qigong is supposed to address and help heal mental and emotional conditions like anxiety, depression, and trauma stemming from past events in one’s life, could self-manifested Qi flow, which is the hallmark of our qigong practice in Shaolin Wahnam, actually cause more harm than good?

Fortunately, this is not the case. Students learning Cosmos Qigong under the guidance of a qualified instructor, whether that’s in a regularly occurring class like at Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities or elsewhere, or from Grandmaster Wong himself, learn how to relax and quiet their minds and how to manage their energy flow. In this way, they are able to slow down their Qi flow if it gets too intense, or turn it up if they wish to have a stronger Qi flow.

This doesn’t necessarily mean stronger equals better. As with any type of energy work, there should be a balance between building and moving. Think of it this way: a gentle tap on the gas gets the fuel moving around your car faster, so it warms up quicker. But if you’re jamming your foot on the gas pedal too hard all the time, you burn the engine out. This is why students are taught how to practice at a reasonable level, so they can overcome their issues without overtraining or encountering too much cleansing.

Striking this balance is pretty easy with proper guidance. Think of Qi flow as an adaptogen. It helps turn up what’s not enough and turn down what’s too much without having to put much effort into figuring that out. This is not to say that someone who is struggling with an emotional issue won’t have it come up in practice, indeed my own students have had this experience. But as they develop their energy and mental clarity, they are able to address those issues when they come up in a way that helps them either overcome it altogether right then and there, or at least peel back another layer of it so that they can tackle it on a deeper level, and then overcome it.

High-level qigong like Cosmos Qigong is an amazing toolkit to address the bevy of mental and spiritual issues that plague people in our modern world. Imagine if you were able to free yourself from the yoke of something that has weighed you down all your life. This is possible with the right instruction in a safe and controlled way. Take the next steps towards your emotional freedom and the life you want and find out about our classes here.

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