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Qigong and Psychic Powers?

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The surprising and subtle insights gained from practicing high-level qigong are not unlike psychic powers.

As I sit here writing this, I can’t help but think about the famous Johnny Carson character Carnac the Magnificent. I’d watch him hold envelops up to that silly lampshade-like hat, cracking jokes that six-year old Molly didn’t really understand while watching the Tonight Show with my dad. But those, while humorous, are not the psychic powers that I’m talking about.

As far-fetched as it may seem, it is possible to develop psychic powers from training qigong. Really, these are not an end in and of itself, but rather, a strange fringe benefit that can come about from high-level arts like Cosmos Qigong. Indeed, some of my seniors who have been training longer than myself have reported being aware of events before they happened. As for myself, I can’t say I’ve ever devined the contents of one of those envelops or predicted winning lottery numbers (though I’m still holding out for that one), but I have had plenty of unusual moments of thinking things like ‘wouldn’t that be interesting if X happened?’, only to have it happen within a few moments or a day. Chances are, if you’ve been training awhile, you’ve had this happen too. Often in clinic, a patient I haven’t seen in some time will pop into my head for no apparent reason, only to show up on my schedule shortly after that. There have been dreams here and there which seemed to make no sense, and then several elements of them will show up in the following day. I’m not going to set up shop reading palms any time soon, but it happens often enough that it seems like less and less of a coincidence each time it occurs.

So how could something like this be? Perhaps some of my seniors with deeper experience here could do a better job weighing in on something like this but I chalk these types of occurrences up to just developing more and more mental clarity. The world is constantly offering us little clues of how each moment might unfold. As we start to quiet the monkey mind and take a broader view of things, we pick up on these subtle hints. It’s not so much like the shining, but a little whisper we barely hear, which is enough to turn a subconscious hint into a manifested thought like, ‘I should call so and so’, just a moment before they call us. If we view the world through the Buddhist lens of all of us being connected on a subatomic level, the nudge of these vibrations start to make more sense, especially as our minds become stronger and more attuned to that link.

Mostly, the insight gained from this type of mental clarity benefits my daily life in more practical ways, I’m more aware when I’m driving or walking around, and move more deliberately because I can see that person is going to turn without their blinker, pull out of that parking spot without looking, or walk around that corner without paying any attention. As such, I end up avoiding annoying setbacks and generally have a more pleasant day than I would otherwise. I pick up on the subtle cues. True, it’s not going to win me a Powerball jackpot, but it’s going to help me move through the world a heck of a lot easier.

This might not be the experience of everyone training Cosmos Qigong and that’s fine. Cosmos Qigong is first and foremost for restoring health and allowing for joyful living. Extra senses are just icing on the cake and should be used for only the best intentions. If you want to gain mental clarity, check out our weekly classes and upcoming seminars for qigong and internal force training which will hone your mind to its highest potential. Then maybe you can tackle the contents of Carnac’s envelops.

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