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Qigong and Mental Clarity

Person standing stars galaxy
Daily qigong practice makes our minds efficient in so many ways.

We talk a lot in Shaolin Wahnam about how our qigong practice gives us the benefit of tremendous mental clarity. In my weekly qigong classes, you'll hear me talk over and over again about it. So what does this mean exactly, and how does this benefit translate into daily life skills?

What if you could perform better at work? What if you could make the right decisions faster? What if you were able to get more done in a shorter amount of time and still leave the office feeling as energetic as when you came in, ready to spend your evening however you liked, exercising or feeling fully engaged with your family? These are some of the benefits that a genuine qigong practice gives us. I reap the benefits of my practice every single day in clinic and in life, being able to be fully present for a large patient load, making quick decisions about their care, and still leave feeling as fresh as when the day began, ready to joyfully spend the evening with my husband. While still in graduate school, I was routinely the first or second person done with an exam, consistently scoring well. I needed less time to study because I was able to absorb and assimilate information quickly. I attribute all of that to the mental clarity I get from my practice, which takes me only 15 minutes a day. As returns on time investments go, this one is a winner.

Cosmos Qigong teaches us how to tap energy from the heavens to build and circulate within our own body. Standing meditation allows us to consolidate all of this energy in such a way that our whole body benefits, that means our internal organs and our brains. Every time we practice, our mental freshness increases. Some of the first things my students report after only a few sessions of qigong is feeling able to make better decisions faster, thinking through things more clearly, and an ability to approach challenging situations with an open heart, gaining a better result in the process.

Interested in trying it out for yourself? Registration for our fall session is open. Come see for yourself what it's all about!

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