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Practicing Qigong in Dark Times

Lightning over ocean in a dark night.
What's the point? Is it even worth it anymore?

I had a completely different blog post all queued up and ready to post, but much like so many happenings of the previous 12 months, the most recent ones rendered it a bit tone deaf for the time being. Sheesh, at the rate things are going, even this post could be tone deaf if I don’t publish it fast enough to be au courant with whatever major event is dominating the news.

So it goes.

It would be the understatement of the century to say that we are currently living in a world with a lot of stressors. Given that so much is going on, is there even a point to learning a skill like qigong? If everything is going to 10/10 stressful all the time, then how can we even let go of thought? Is smiling from the heart even going to help? More importantly, is it going to help enough for these times?

These are all valid questions. The short answer is, yes, of course training qigong is going to help. You’re likely not going to transcend cosmic reality and attain Nirvana on your first day of class, but you’ll feel fresher mentally, more positive, and more prepared to handle the next curveball.

In fact, there’s never been a better time to learn qigong, or to re-commit to your practice if you’ve fallen off of it. Think of it like learning a foreign language in total immersion. When you’re in high school, safe in your comfort zone, you don’t learn as much as you would were you deposited on the streets of some foreign country, forced to communicate on your own to find a bathroom and the way back to your hotel. Our world today is no different. Everything is shiny and lovely when it’s easy. But the real, true, and meaningful personal growth happens when we learn to be aware, present, and still joyful against great uncertainty and great hardship.

Like a global pandemic or major political upheaval. Or both. Or whatever other heavy thing you've likely come up against recently.

Actually, you benefit even more from a practice like qigong now than you might when it’s raining unicorns and everything is easy. You also are constantly presented with opportunities to be mindful and to grow. Turns out there is some good in this after all.

Give yourself the gift of clarity and resilience this year. Qigong for Health and Vitality is open to beginners and practitioners of all levels. This 12-Week course will give you all the skills you need to get started on your own journey of mental and emotional wellbeing. Check out this link for registration details. Future you will thank present you.

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