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Heart Thinks, Events Materialize

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"Heart Thinks, Events Materialize" is a favorite saying of Grandmaster Wong's.

The title of this blog post represents a favorite phrase of Grandmaster Wong’s. In fact, this is a subject so dear to him that he has written a multi-part article on this topic. This idea is deeply rooted in Buddhist thinking, the idea essentially being that we literally are the sum total of all of our thoughts.

While this idea may sound absurd to some, consider this: every single one of the trillions of cells in your body has receptors on them and when your body releases its various neurochemicals associated with the emotions of love, hate, joy, sorrow, fear, relief, and happiness, to name a few, those chemical molecules bind to those receptors and release their contents into your cells, turning on and off genes that code for a myriad of physiological functions. No, your DNA won’t change overnight, but over time, it will.

I’ve learned over the years of my training to be smarter about what I do with my mind. That was not, however, my starting point, so if you’re reading this in the darkest pit of depression, take heart. You don’t need to have a pristine mental landscape for Cosmos Qigong to help you. As I progressed in my training and became more disciplined with my thoughts, and I had a little bit of time to look back on, I started to observe a curious phenomenon: things that I truly wanted, from an authentic place, all came true. This included things over which I had direct control, and things over which I had no control. Naturally, this has its limitations and I don’t think it’s ever going to bestow a Maserati on me, but the real things of substance- direction in life, love, and meaning do seem to fall neatly into place as I’ve continued on with my kungfu and qigong practice over the years. This has allowed me in difficult times to be able to trust what comes.

I talk a lot in my blog posts, my classes, and my workshops about mental clarity and why I think it is so important in the contemporary world. Even exclusive of the noise of the news cycle, social media, and challenges in our society, Cosmos Qigong helps us develop a powerful mind. With that, comes mental clarity. Just like how stronger muscles are able to carry a heavier load, a stronger and more powerful mind is able to better order their thoughts so as to encourage a better mood, make better choices, and feed into a cycle that ultimately brings benefit and positive change in one’s life. What starts as a little bit at a time increases exponentially with continued practice. If you’re thinking about how you make a change to your mental landscape and really take charge of your life, check out our beginning qigong class. You won’t be disappointed.

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