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Happy Blog Day!

Birthday cake, swirl one year candle
Happy 1st birthday to the Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities blog!

By my count, this is my 53rd blog post, which means the Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities blog is officially one year old! I started this blog simply as a means to keep students informed of courses and classes taking place in St. Paul, as well as to add a little content to the website. Over the last year, I’ve grown very fond of elucidating some of the concepts in Shaolin Cosmos Qigong and Kungfu that make it so effective and helping people better understand them, which actually helps me too.

Truth be told, I’d grown pretty rusty at writing over the years. I did it rather prolifically as a teenager, but abandoned it, feeling like it was really only a negative outlet. Starting this blog has helped me breathe life into an old hobby in a fun, constructive, and positive way. It is also a great exercise in mental clarity, which speaks to its practical benefits in everyday life. Sure, we’re no longer living in the age of swordsmen fighting on horseback, but the Shaolin Arts still hold immense value in the world we navigate today, filled with long commutes, crowded airports, 40+ hour work weeks, and other such fun things.

Right now, I’m returning from a week-long retreat in upstate New York training with one of Grandmaster Wong’s top students. I never cease to be amazed at how much I continue to learn, even after 13 years and how an art which brought me such joy after only one year has completely changed my life for the better after 13. There’s always room to learn and room to grow. So, here’s to another year of training, another year of blog posts, and another year of growth. Fall class details coming soon!

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