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Grandmaster Wong Kiew-Kit's Website

Logo of Shaolin Wahnam Institute is the official website of Grandmaster Wong Kiew-Kit

A few weeks ago, I talked about the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum and what a useful resource it is for answering questions about training, kungfu and qigong culture, and training experiences among other things. I really do encourage you to head over to it and take a look if you haven’t already. This week I’m turning attention to another fantastic informational resource of Shaolin Wahnam, namely Grandmaster Wong’s website, which can be found at

Those of you who already know your way around this great site, please indulge me. Grandmaster Wong has, over the years, compiled a treasure house of articles, testimonials, a question and answer series full of great little nuggets, history and philosophy of Zen and all things Shaolin, tons of videos of kungfu sets and past courses, and so much more. Well before I ever took a single course in Shaolin Wahnam, this site was a valuable resource for me, helping me answer questions and providing inspiring reading material which ultimately led me to that first course which forever changed my life for the better.

The sheer volume of videos available here have helped me better understand concepts in areas of my kungfu and qigong training that I was working on in that moment. I’m not sure if a better video library of Shaolin exists. If you’re having trouble remembering the form of a qigong exercise from one of our weekly classes or the basics covered in our kungfu classes, they’re a quick search away. If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of some of the concepts you’re learning, chances are Grandmaster Wong has written an illuminating article on it already. Thinking that you’re ready to head to Malaysia and experience an intensive course for yourself? You can find all of the details and contact information there too.

Those of you outside of the Twin Cities metro area who are reading my blog should also know that also features a directory of Shaolin Wahnam instructors worldwide, so you can see who is teaching in your neck of the woods. This site is a great stop wherever you are along the journey of your training. Happy browsing!

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