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Fall Classes at Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities

rainbow above street buildings cars below
A beautiful rainbow appeared at the end of our spring session qigong class.

It’s hard to believe that I’m already talking about fall classes, but here we are! Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities just wrapped up some fantastic kungfu and qigong classes for the summer. It is a privilege to watch students’ progress in their kungfu skills, as well as hear qigong students discuss overcoming emotional and physical issues, even food allergies! It really speaks to how the Shaolin Arts can help improve the quality of our lives, inside and out.

As for training opportunities in St. Paul, MN, here is what is going on this fall.

One Finger Shooting Zen trains a calm and focused mind, while also training powerful grips and strikes. Both martial artists and non-martial artists alike will find this to be a highly effective skill to add into their daily practice. This class will be taught in two parts so students can learn the form, as well as its unique energy-building characteristics.

This nine-week class will focus on some of the more advanced concepts of energy cultivation within the Shaolin Arts. Internal force training helps to build a powerful and flowing mind, a better response to stress, greater energy, and ability to separate what really matters in life from all of the background noise.

  • Shaolin Kungfu: All levels

Advanced and beginning students who have completed the Level One Shaolin Kungfu Class train together in one group both on their own separate material and as a class. Those who are interested in attending the Intensive Kungfu course in Penang, Malaysia in December should contact Sifu Molly directly.

Fall classes are open to students of Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities and Shaolin Wahnam International. Are you looking for something for beginners? Take heart! Our foundational kungfu and qigong courses will be offered early next year. Sign up here and be the first to find out when registration opens. In the mean time Minnesota, enjoy your summer!

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