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All Healing Starts From the Heart

Sign on and light post social justice
Our arts give us the mental clarity to choose who to be.

All healing starts from the heart.

Almost a decade ago, in what seems like another world now, I had the privilege of attending a Qigong Healing Course taught by Grandmaster Wong in Malaysia. I learned so much during that course that ripples into both my teaching and my acupuncture practice. Of all those things I learned, what is coming up to the surface right now are those five words: All healing starts from the heart.

The larger meaning of it is about both having confidence in yourself as a healer and helping instill that same confidence in people that they can heal themselves. It ties to the idea of having a heart of confidence that one can succeed no matter what, because they believe it so strongly and proceeding with qigong healing from that heart of confidence.

That’s absolutely pertinent for what I have to say today, but I’m going to put another spin on it. Our country is reeling in the wake of yet another senseless death of a black man. Violence has erupted worldwide, calling for justice. Yes, there’s opportunists taking advantage of the situation, but most people just want to see meaningful change and reform in how minorities are treated. Much of my neighborhood in St. Paul burned, across the river, my friends are dodging bullets in their yards.

And the leader of this nation has called to send out the military “dominate the streets”.

Why? Because we’re angry that another man was murdered, suffocated, brutally, at the hands of an officer sworn to protect him, who cooly watched a camera for eight minutes while occluding the carotid artery of George Floyd, who pleaded for his life.

This is absolute fucking bullshit and it has to stop. This violence, this systemic racism, it has to stop. This man in Washington, who applauds violence and guns, he has to go.

This badly broken nation needs to heal.

I’m not sure how to end this. I’ve already deleted the first thing I wrote. For the first time, I’m at a loss for words. Everything I say sounds hollow and meaningless.

So, all I’m going to say is look into your hearts and express your love outwards to people. Not just when it’s easy for you and when you feel happy, but also when it’s hard and you’re pissed off. When you don’t agree with someone, or they don’t agree with you. When you catch yourself judging someone, and I know we all do it, walk it back. You might be right, but you’ve never walked a mile in the shoes of another and judgement just begets more judgement. The best place for change to start is in the six square feet that surround us. All healing starts from the heart.

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