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New Year, New Opportunities

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Ring in the new year with new training opportunities at Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities

Happy New Year everybody!

(Insert lame post about New Year’s resolutions here)

Or don’t. That’s not my jam. I stopped doing resolutions awhile ago. Actually, one of my most beloved things is sitting down on New Year’s Day with a cup of coffee and writing out my goals for the year. I define my bigger aims, as well as the smaller objectives, how I plan on implementing them, and in what time frame. Sound familiar? It’s not just for kungfu or qigong training, it works great for many things in life.

Barring anything major, I usually accomplish at least 75% of this list by the end of the year, allowing me to look backwards and feel good about what I’ve gotten done. In case you’re wondering, I’m totally patting myself on the back for 2018. But that was last year. Time for a new list, and a new set of goals.

While many of you have been asking me when Grandmaster Wong will be returning, it won’t be this year. Generally, he’s been coming to the US every other year, with a few exceptions. Rest assured, I’ll keep everyone updated on his future courses in Minnesota well in advance. As for my own regular course offerings, I’m pleased to announce that in addition to our weekly qigong classes, I will also be adding an introductory Shaolin Kungfu class, as well as a series of workshops scheduled throughout 2019 focused on developing internal force and mental clarity. Keep an eye on your inbox for class and registration details in the next few weeks. Let’s make this year the one for exceeding our expectations!

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