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About Advanced Courses

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Secret Handshakes? Occult Rituals? Voodoo? Why the requirements for advanced courses?

With Bone Marrow Cleansing just around the corner next month, I thought it was appropriate to explain why certain classes are open to everybody and others require having a certain amount of experience for participation. Here and there, I’ll see a few fresh beginners sign up for advanced courses. I always point them in the right direction, but the reason why deserves a little teasing out.

The simplest explanation is that advanced Qigong skills require a certain amount of foundation to practice. Notice how I use the word ‘skill’ here. Some of the deepest aspects of the Shaolin arts have little or nothing to do with techniques, but rather the skill behind them. This supposes that the practitioner has a firm grounding in the Qigong state behind their practice and some time spent honing it so as to elevate their training level.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew-Kit talks frequently about how we in Shaolin Wahnam share practice secrets out in the open and advanced skills are no exception. Simply put, much of higher-level Qigong practice is just the basics, performed at a very high level.

Which brings me back to prerequisites for some of my classes. Indeed, I don’t impose those guidelines to be exclusive, like a high school clique, but rather for the benefit of all of my students. Were I to let fresh beginners join a high-level class, without that base foundation of practice, they simply wouldn’t get enough out of it to justify the time, nor the tuition. Indeed, I want to make the world a better place through the power of Cosmos Qigong and part of doing that involves training and preparing each student through their current level before moving on to the next. These are the same requirements Grandmaster Wong guided me through on my journey and though I may have been a little impatient to learn new skills, I’m forever grateful I took the time before moving on to the next level.

There will be classes for every level this year, beginning with the opportunity to learn the advanced skill of Bone Marrow Cleansing next month, followed by the all-level Qigong for Health and Vitality starting this fall. And of course, the course library is always open. Wherever you are along your journey, you have support to get you ready for the next step.

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