All 2021 Classes will be LIVE STREAMING via Zoom

Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities is committed to spreading the benefit of the Shaolin Arts, no matter what the circumstances. Cosmos Qigong helps promote health and resiliency even in the most challenging of times.


Our job is to help you feel your best and ensure your safety at the same time. We're pleased to offer streaming classes to you in your home via Zoom. Check out our detailed Zoom user instructions to get you up and connected to our awesome classes. We're still a community, and we're stronger than ever.

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2021 classes at Shaolin Wahnam twin Cities

  • Qigong For Stress and Anxiety: September 16th- October 21st, 2021

  • Warrior Qigong: October 28th- November 18th

                       Who Are We?

Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities is a kung fu and qi gong school in St. Paul, MN dedicated to preserving the traditional Shaolin arts of Kungfu, Qigong (Chi Kung), and Zen. We believe that good health is the birthright of all and work, through our courses and classes, to preserve or restore vibrant health, longevity, and vitality. This allows us to approach not just our practice, but every aspect of our daily lives with abundant energy, calm and clarity of mind, and joy in the world around us. Take a look around our site and see what we’re all about!

weekly classes at shaolin wahnam twin cities

qigong for health and vitality

Have you been wondering how a mindfulness-based practice like qigong could benefit you? Are you an experienced practitioner seeking to deepen your skills?

Qigong For Health and Vitality is Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities' 12-week introductory course to Shaolin Cosmos Qigong. Selected qigong patterns from the 18 Lohan Hands and the 18 Jewels are used to teach students how to generate their own energy flow and circulate that energy to achieve glowing health and well-being. Feel stress melt away and address chronic conditions that keep you from living your life to its' fullest. Experience deep calm and lasting joy. Learn how this simple practice can change your life in just a few minutes a day.

What if your life could be better?

What if you had energy all day at work and at home?

What if you were free from chronic pain?

What if you had the clarity to make the best personal and professional decisions?

What if you slept better every night?

What if stress didn't bother you so much?

What if you could be happier?


What if I told you there was a way to do this?

What if I told you it only took 15 minutes a day?


Meet Shaolin Cosmos Qigong.

Meet your life...elevated.

Shaolin Kungfu

Standing the test of time for generations, Shaolin Kungfu is one of the most sophisticated martial arts, rich in the skills of striking, kicking, felling, and gripping. Shaolin Kungfu is highly effective against any martial art. Its practitioners enjoy the benefits of abundant energy and vitality.


More than that, Shaolin Kungfu is a vehicle to train the Three Treasures of Man, namely Jing (Internal Force), Qi (Energy), and Shen (Spirit). In addition to being physically healthy, genuine Shaolin Kungfu helps its exponents to achieve clarity of mind, thought, and spirit, stay calm under pressure, and approach every day with joy and zest for life.


Our students Iearn how to use their skills from the first day of training and have fun doing it! Is kungfu too flowery for combat? We in Shaolin Wahnam think not!