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qigong and

screen time?

I wouldn't have thought so either but, here we are.

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Two Computer Screens

Getting on and getting around Zoom



Zoom is a super-user friendly platform that allows people to connect remotely for classes, trainings, meetings, or just to connect and say hi.


We will be using Zoom for all of our streaming classes. I’m not promising there won’t be a hitch or two, but I think you’re really going to enjoy it.




Sign up from the widget on our homepage and select your class. Follow all the steps for easy payment, and of course, if you have any questions, email You receive a confirmation email with payment just like you do with our regular courses.


One hour before class begins, you’ll be emailed a link to join the Zoom class. Click the link to join the class. If you’re new to using Zoom, give yourself a few extra minutes to get used to the interface. Zoom can be used on a laptop, tablet or phone.


  • On your laptop, the meeting will start in your browser. If it doesn’t, this link will take you to the browser client to download.

  • iPhone and iPad: Download the app “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” by clicking here from the Apple App Store.

  • Android phones and tablets: Download the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app from the Google Play Store by clicking here.


When you join the meeting, you’ll be in a virtual waiting room with all of the other class participants (say hi to your friends!) until class begins.


You will prompted to join the audio. If you are unable to hear, select the ‘join audio’ icon in the lower left corner and select ‘call via device audio’.


If you get dropped from our class, just click on the link again to join back in.


Just like in our in-person classes, we reserve the time in between practice sessions for questions. 


Don’t hesitate to offer any feedback, we’re all still learning and this is a great way to make Cosmos Qigong more accessible to everybody.


Thanks for taking part in this great new way to spread the Shaolin Arts worldwide!

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