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how to get the best results from a world-class grandmaster

"Don't worry, don't intellectualize, enjoy your practice."    -Grandmaster Wong Kiew-Kit

Sifu Wong's courses here in St. Paul are an incredible opportunity to learn high-level qigong from a living Shaolin treasure. Sifu Wong's skill in teaching and heart to heart transmission allows participants to experience just how simple, yet highly effective Cosmos Qigong is. For many, it can mark a dramatic shift to a healthier and happier life.



Sifu Wong learned kungfu and qigong in a traditional way and himself is very traditional. He should be given all courtesy and the utmost respect at all times. This page will help you understand how to address a master and give you everything you need to know to ensure you get the very best out of your training with Sifu.

Sifu Wong Kiew-Kit
Sifu Wong Kiew-Kit Shaolin Salut

what to know

  • The class will begin promptly when Sifu arrives. Students should stand and greet the master with the Shaolin salute, the traditional way of greeting a master.

  • Allow yourself time to arrive before the class begins. It is customary in kungfu culture for the students to arrive first and the master to arrive last.

  • If you need to excuse yourself at any time during the class, you may do so by giving the Shaolin salute to the master upon exiting and re-entering the training hall.

  • When asking questions, address the master as “Sifu” rather than “sir” or “Mr. Wong”. “Sifu” is the traditional Cantonese title for a teacher and is a term of respect and affection. If you are already a student of Shaolin Wahnam Twin Cities, then the proper term of address is “Sigung”, which means your teacher's teacher in Cantonese.


  • Do refrain from trying to shake hands with or hug the master, as this is considered rude. The proper way to greet the master is with a Shaolin salute, or “hello Sifu/Sigung”.


Sifu Wong Kiew-Kit
  • When seated facing the master, do sit with legs closed and not crossed. This is considered the respectful way to sit in Chinese culture. When asking questions, adopt an open posture rather than crossing arms or having your hands on your hips.

  • Have fun! Bring questions to ask and be curious! Sifu Wong loves questions and oftentimes it is the student's questions that lead to interesting stories and pearls of wisdom that further deepen your training.

what to expect

Cosmos qigong is highly effective and safe to practice. The qi flow that is part of the practice helps to remove blocked energy and restore the body to health. Though it may look strange to those not familiar with it, it is a normal part of the practice. Qi flow can involve noises. Jumping, or moving about. For some it can help to remove emotional blockages and people can shout or sometimes even cry. This is completely normal. But if you are completely new to this, don't worry too much about what the other participants are doing and just enjoy your own experience.

Shaolin Wahnam Qi Flow

other useful information

  • Arrive on time.


  • Silence your phone upon entering the training hall.


  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes and soft soled shoes.


  • If you have any questions, Sifu Molly and other senior students are here to make your experience a good one.

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